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With over 100 years experience in the export industry A.S. Barr have developed a wealth of industry knowledge. Our specific knowledge and experience in fresh produce logistics has enabled A.S. Barr to become a leading and trusted provider of import and export services within Australia and internationally.

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Joseph Saina

Director - Imports/Exports

Joseph (Joe) is an experienced exporter and importer of fresh produce, who has been involved in the industry for 20 years. He developed the A.S. Barr International business from the ground up. His wealth of industry knowledge, in addition to his MBA qualifications, allow him to bring a mix of practical and professional experience to the organisation.

Joe is recognised for his significant experience in all aspects of international fresh produce trade including logistics, quality, quarantine, administration, finance and politics. He has worked closely with government and industry bodies throughout his career and, in 2016, was appointed as Chairman of the Australian Horticultural Exporters Association (AHEA) - the peak industry body representing Australian fresh produce exporters and importers. He has also worked on various committees such as the Ministerial Task Group on Quarantine (AQIS / now Dept. of Agriculture and Water Resources).

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Peter Kedwell


Peter has more than 40 years experience in the fresh produce industry and has been at the helm of significant wholesaling businesses for three decades including A.S. BARR and  Pershouse Produce. Peter’s entrepreneurial drive has been a major force in the developing new businesses, while his strategic thinking and marketing knowledge has ensured ongoing businesses are always ready to seize on exciting growth opportunities.

His business acumen and industry knowledge is well respected and he was a keen and valuable contributor during his time as a member on the Board of the Brisbane Market Corporation.

Our History

Alexander Sampson Barr started a Brisbane based fruit and vegetable wholesaling business in 1886 called A.S. Barr. Since then A.S. Barr has been a trusted name in the Brisbane Markets involving the wholesale, retail, export and import of fresh produce.

In 1986 an experienced fresh produce entrepreneur, Peter Kedwell, acquired A.S. Barr and continued the legacy. In 1998 the focus on international trading intensified, with the A.S. Barr's wealth of industry knowledge being applied and adapted to the international fresh produce trading community.

Today A.S. Barr primarily provides logistical services to fresh fruit and vegetable exporters, importers and wholesalers.